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May-, 2007; Volume 75: Issue 05
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2007; 75 (05)


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Jorge Delgado Urdapilleta

Original Articles

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Seminal quality and hormones in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
Mirna G Echavarría Sánchez, Erika Franco Laguna, Armando Juárez Bengoa, Carlos A Villanueva Díaz

[Full text - PDF]
Major and multiple birth defects in newborns of women attended in a tertiary care hospital
Mayra Celina Gallegos Rivas, Gustavo Romero Gutiérrez, Nora Marina Pérez López, Marcos Salazar Torres

[Full text - PDF]
Hysteroscopy findings in patients with postmenopausal genital bleeding
José Alanís Fuentes, Martel Martínez Gutiérrez, Pilar Mata Miranda

[Full text - PDF]
Relation between familial violence during pregnancy and risk of low weight in the newborn
Susana Patricia Collado Peña, Luis Alberto Villanueva Egan

[Full text - PDF]
Psychological symptoms in a group of climacteric women, before and after a psychotherapeutic process
Evangelina Aldana C, María Eugenia Gómez L, Francisco A Morales C, Fernando Gaviño G

Review Articles

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Antiphospholipid syndrome and human reproduction
Carlos G Galindo García, Francisco J Bernárdez Zapata, Imelda Hernández Marín, Aquiles R Ayala

[Full text - PDF]
Cardiovascular disease as a current threat of older women. Relation to estrogens
Zárate, Arturo, Saucedo, Renata, Basurto, Lourdes, Carlos Martínez


[Full text - PDF]
Contemporaneous history: complex techniques of assisted reproduction
Álvarez Díaz, Jorge Alberto

[Full text - PDF]
Letter to the editor
Zárate, Arturo

55 Years Ago

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical assessment of ectopic pregnancy
Mario Madrazo Basauri

>Journals >Ginecología y Obstetricia de México >Year 2007
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