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September-Diciembre, 2006; Volume 14: Issue 3
Rev Mex Enf Cardiol 2006; 14 (3)



[Full text - PDF]
The importance of clinical training in infirmary professionals
Hada Ramí­rez

Research works

[Full text - PDF]
Factors related to infirmary diagnosis, lesion risk at the immediate postoperative period of coronary revascularization
Ana Laura Maqueda Uribe, Claudia Chávez Arroyo, Guadalupe Martínez Palomino

Case Study

[Full text - PDF]
Assisted closure with negative pressure in the treatment mediastinitis
Imelda Flores Montes, Araceli Añorve Gallardo, Pablo Emilio Escalante Salgado


[Full text - PDF]
Therapeutic adherence in systemic arterial hypertension
Noé Sánchez Cisneros

Daily Practice: Proceeding

[Full text - PDF]
Inclination test
Elizabeth Salas Silva

Speaking on...

[Full text - PDF]
A thanatological scale for the evaluation of the attention cardiopathic patients
Carolina Ortega Vargas, Patricia Rosas Ruiz, Miriam Sonia Ferreira Guerrero, Sofía Vega Hernández

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Enfermería Cardiológica >Year 2006
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