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Pérez CE, Gómez MC, Guzmán GJM, Escobar RD, López RVM, Montes ORD, Mora CMG, Ramírez CJ
Guía clínica para la rehabilitación del paciente con parálisis facial periférica
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Language: Spanish
References: 18
Page: 425-436
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Bell’s or idiopathic facial palsy is the most common cause of peripheral facial palsy. Incidence is 20 or 30 cases per 100 000 thousand persons per year. Earliest diagnosis and treatment is directly related with treatment type and recovery time. This guideline employed evidence-based medicine methodology; we organized a team to search for information and after discussing the subject, to obtain conclusions from this information. The target of this work is to develop the strategy for the health teams working at primary levels of medical care first in a simple manner for them to obtain a specific and differential diagnosis and also for them to establish best treatment —not only pharmacologic, but also physical— with special emphasis on muscle re-education, which includes the entire health care team, but most especially, the patient and his/her family.

Key words: facial paralysis, Bellís palsy, rehabilitation.

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