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>Journals >Medicina Interna de México >Year 2010, Issue 3

Carrillo ER, Carrillo CJR, Carrillo CLD, Carrillo CCA
Nail disorders as marker of systemic disease
Med Int Mex 2010; 26 (3)

Language: Spanish
References: 29
Page: 243-249
PDF: 261.40 Kb.

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A systematic examination of the nails in the critically ill patients provides clues to many vascular, nutritional, endocrine and infectious diseases, connective tissue disorders and intrinsic skin diseases. Variations in color and shape, swelling, abnormal blood vessels, bands, indentations and pitting, as well as separation of the nail plate, may be signs of systemic disease.

Key words: nail examination, systemic disease, leukonychia.

>Journals >Medicina Interna de México >Year 2010, Issue 3
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